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Graphic design capacity of more classes

We are a professional graphic designer will be in-depth understanding of business needs in order to enrich the business experience design.
Graphic Design(graphic design)Means of design and professional, so as to "visual" as a means of communication and performance. Through a variety of ways to create and combine symbols, images and text to be used to convey ideas or interest in visual representation. Graphic designers may use the font layout, visual arts, layout (page layout) and other aspects of professional skills, to achieve the purpose of creating programs. Graphic design usually refers to production (design) when the process and the finalization of works.
Common graphic design include magazines, advertising, product packaging and web design, and design a product's packaging may contain trademarks, or other images, organizers arranged the text, as well as to visual design considerations of pure elements (such as geometric shape, color ). Composition (composition) is a graphic design, one of the most important elements of a complete composition allow a harmonious coexistence of different visual materials.

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