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  Detailed programming class capacity                                                                  Web programming is an important program, it can develop a series of easy to solve. For example: free update service, online trading platform, pre-sale consulting a message, and so on enterprise self-interest.

Content management system (CMS) 
Content management system is a computer-based network and database systems, users are free to update, modify, publish the content of its website, its content, including text, images, audio and video. This system will enable users of the site to keep up to date, and timely updating of information, timely news release to the Internet, maintain the best corporate image, attract more potential clients and secure existing customers.

Member System
Member System in a multi-site system, where primacy is to achieve the entire site system, the necessary conditions for communication with users, especially e-commerce sites, dating sites and forums system. These are needed to facilitate the management of membership information on a plate, to achieve the membership register, modify member data, save the members of the information, the administrator delete the membership information and other functions.

Shopping Cart System 
Shopping cart system belongs to e-commerce systems, users can directly on your website you are buying goods and pay to replace the full integration of commercial retail structure. This system makes shopping simpler, faster. Enhance their visibility. Are free to update the web site of commodities. Are free to change the commodity prices and special offers。

Message / Discussion Board Management System  Information
Information / message board system is a connecting bridge between customers and enterprises to communicate your users if the enterprise have any questions or queries can be entered directly on the page, then web pages directly within the website administrators can respond to customer questions. Need by phone, fax and e-mail, more quick and easy. The system enables users to browse a message, send message, reply message features, it also provides the administrator of the message management capabilities, that is, the system administrator to delete the message, and editing operations.
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